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Capture your most treasured moments in a work of art made custom for you!

Do you have a memory of a childhood place or a beautiful vacation spot that you want to capture?   Are you looking for a unique gift to honor someone important such as a friend, spouse, or co-worker?  Bonnie can create an original drawing or painting that will bring those feelings to life and be treasured for a lifetime,  

Bonnie also works with interior designers to make the look of your home complete.   Ask Bonnie about decorator commissions and discounts upon request.   Most projects start and $500 and up to $2,000 depending on size and number of changes.

Photographs are helpful, but not a requirement since the final image is based on your feeling or memory of a place, rather than an exact rendering.

Here's how to work with Bonnie to create a custom piece:


 * Email Bonnie  with a description of your idea.  Include images that you have in mind  or a detailed description.

*  Bonnie will contact you within 3 days to discuss the project and/or meet in person, if necessary.

*  Bonnie will start a working sketch as a proposal with contract.

* If both parties agree, a final sketch will be given and painting begins!

* Bonnie documents the process and keeps you informed throughout.

* Changes are made to suit your needs and preferences.

*  A final piece is completed with 2-6 weeks (depending on size/holidays),

Sounds interesting?   Email Bonnie today at  

I am happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.  

Your satisfaction is my priority!

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