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Artist Statement 

I am fascinated with growth and movement. As a child, I would jump, leap, and sit on large rocks sprawled across my backyard. I’d touched their surfaces, memorizing their patterns, shapes, and textures until I felt as if I knew each one. My jumping had a particular order and momentum. It's no surprise that dancing became a major focus in my life and is an important element of my creative process. My artwork is  inextricably linked to the study of gestural movements and the emotion of a form, especially as it is expressed in nature. I search for lines that bend, twist, bubble, swirl, and sway. The emotion within a form can be assertive as the curve of a wave rolling towards its destination, yet at other times, fragile and graceful as a dried blossom, yearning, stiff, frozen, and stick-like. Sensations resonate within me as I witness nature unfold.

Botanical forms such as flowers, vines, roots, and leaves are of great interest to me. I study them living, dying, and regenerating, Sometimes I move in close and study its essence. Other times I secretly observe and contemplate a scene - willow branches swaying above pond water, little girls holding hands and walking through an old village, leaves wrapped around one another like an embrace. Natural forms intrigue me. I sense the emotion within them and their desire to express themselves beyond their isolated existence.

There is a quiet conversation that develops between myself and the subject, between my hand and the surface, between my head and my heart, between myself and G-d.  The art process itself is like a ballet.  At first, I am the audience, observing nature's dance, interpreting internal movements and external gestures of the landscape. I take hundreds of photographs that are later curated and categorized in small photo manuals. These manuals become my source from which I sketch memories and nuances, interpret the emotion, modify the composition, emphasize the emotion and movement, and hopefully bringing the intangible into physical form for you to experience.

View of Bonnie's Palette

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